Golf taps into the blockchain

Golf is diversifying across entertainment and tech, attracting new blood.

In 2021, 37.5m Americans played golf across courses, driving ranges, indoor simulators, and entertainment venues like Topgolf.

Golf taps into the blockchain

That includes a record number of newcomers — 3.2m — who played for the first time, as the PGA Tour jumps on funny TikTok trends and works on a Netflix docuseries.

And Callaway is leading the way

Last year, the company took over Topgolf in a $2.6B merger.

It’s also launching a partnership with LinksDAO, an exclusive crypto community of golf enthusiasts whose stated goals are “reimagining the modern golf and leisure club,” and, “We are going to buy a golf course.”

  • It’s kinda like the time people tried to buy the US constitution, except much more likely.

Big picture: Like many sports, golf is diversifying across entertainment and tech, and it’s attracting new blood into the mix as a result.

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