Digits: Harry Styles, Formula 1 inflation, and more

Plus: Ridiculous personal finances, and the queen’s 70th anniversary.

1) Harry Styles’ Harry’s House album brought in $7.26m in US sales during its first week. But here’s the kicker — $4.49m of that came from 182k vinyl sales. The medium has exploded in recent years, a trend we explored here.

Digits: Harry Styles, Formula 1 inflation, and more

2) Everyone’s feeling inflation — even Formula One racing. Teams like Red Bull, Ferrari, and Mercedes are worried the uptick in prices across logistics and energy will push them over the sport’s $140m budget cap for each team.

3) On Friday, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said it recently asked Tesla to respond to reports on 758 incidents of unexpected “phantom braking” in its cars.

4) Studies show Americans are profoundly influenced by celebrities when it comes to personal finance. One found 45% of crypto owners would invest in coins with celebrity endorsements. Another found 28% of Gen Z seeks financial advice from social media.

5) According to the Centre for Retail Research — yes, Centre — UK consumers were expected to spend $510m on festivities and souvenirs for Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee this past weekend, marking her 70th anniversary as queen.

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