A high-tech arcade enters the hospitality biz

Two Bit Circus will open a second gaming park in Dallas and convert two hotels into immersive destinations.

Los Angeles’ Two Bit Circus is a gamer’s dream, whether they’re a kid or an adult.

A high-tech arcade enters the hospitality biz

Co-founders Eric Gradman and Brent Bushnell — son of Atari co-founder and Chuck E. Cheese founder Nolan Bushnell — call it a “micro-amusement park.”

It’s full of unique carnival and video games, VR, mini escape rooms, hidden stories, and other curiosities.

And now, the company is expanding…

… opening a second park in Dallas and a chain of hotels called Reveler’s Resorts.

SPAC company Alpine Acquisition Corp. agreed to acquire Two Bit Circus and two hotels in Denver and Stamford, Connecticut (located a quick jaunt via car or train from NYC).

Transactions are expected to close in Q3 2022, when the combined company will be known as Two Bit Entertainment Corp. and listed on NASDAQ under “REVE.”

Why hotels?

Two Bit CEO Kim Schaefer, a veteran exec in hospitality, told The Hustle that leisure brands “rebounded faster than the conference center hotel, so it gave us an opportunity to take those [old hotels] and use them differently.”

Rather than professionals gathering for conferences, Reveler’s Resorts will offer immersive, social experiences for families, friends, couples, and co-workers looking for team-building experiences.

Guests can unravel stories woven throughout the properties while enjoying character interactions, puzzles, magic shows, and more. There will be carnival-themed restaurants and bars, while old conference centers will be converted into play zones with a variety of games.

And a bonus

Two Bit Circus has long hosted up-and-comers’ works — including games and interactive theater — through its Beta Nights. The new parks will continue this tradition as the brand expands.

“Innovators and makers are everywhere,” Schaefer said. Hey, that’s what we say! (You can submit your games here.)

BTW: Have you ever tried VR that lets you fly like a bird?!

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