Digits: Taser drones, Domino’s woes, and charging cables

Plus: Disney’s India problem, and robots per capita

1) Axon, the US company that makes Tasers, has plans for a Taser-shooting drone. The company’s AI ethics board apparently opposed the device, and when the drone’s development continued regardless, nine members resigned in protest.

Digits: Taser drones, Domino’s woes, and charging cables

2) Domino’s staffing shortage is so bad, the company had to halt US orders and reduce store hours for the equivalent of 6 days in Q1. It also expects up to 3k stores to route deliveries through call centers by year-end. (At least people can still do pizza order freestyle raps.)

3) Good news for Europe’s iPhone owners: By fall 2024, smartphones there will be required to use USB-C charging ports — so no more of Apple’s absolutely unnecessary Lightning cables. The move could cut out 11k metric tons of e-waste annually.

4) Disney+ has 137.7m subscribers, but 50m+ of them use Disney+ Hotstar — the service’s Indian version — with local cricket rights being a major draw. Disney is now entering a gargantuan bidding war for those rights for 2023-27 that could reach well over $4.2B. Losing those deals — and subs — would be a bad look.

5) In case you’ve ever wondered which countries have the most robots per capita, here’s your answer: South Korea has 932 industrial bots for every 10k workers. Singapore has 605; Japan, 390; Germany, 371; and the US, 255. In January, South Korea enacted a new law that makes company execs liable for worker injuries, meaning expect even more bots there.

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