Digits: Women of the F500, a galactic short call, and a brand new ocean.

Numbers you should know from the week’s most interesting headlines.

Antarctica is the 1st continent completely encircled by 1 ocean (Source: Nat Geo)

Digits: Women of the F500, a galactic short call, and a brand new ocean.
  • A record-breaking 41 women stand as CEOs on this year’s Fortune 500 list, including 2 Black women — Roz Brewer (Walgreens Boots Alliance) and Thasunda Brown Duckett (TIAA) — for the 1st time.
  • After floundering, Overstock’s share price is up 5x in a year thanks to a renewed focus on “the nuts and bolts of retailing,” which helped boost revenue 94% YoY, exciting investors and ushering in a ~$4B market cap.
  • Kerrisdale Capital published a 20-page memo on why they’re short selling (AKA betting against) Virgin Galactic. Grievances include: “17 years of delays and disasters,” flights that run $250k+ for ~1 hour… Oh, and not actually flying in space.
  • Big news for batteries: Researchers found a way to extract 99.94% pure lithium phosphate from sea water. Terra firma lithium reserves could run out by 2080, but oceans carry ~5k times the lithium found on land.
  • FINRA data shows that margin debt (money people borrow to buy stocks) increased 13 months straight to ~$850B — more than 2x what it was in ‘08, and nearly 3x what it was before the dot-com crash.
  • Ladies and gentlemen, we now have a 5th ocean. After 106 years of mapmaking, the National Geographic Society officially renamed the area around Antarctica the Southern Ocean, due to its unique ecosystem.
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