Digits: 15-minute delivery, Lightyear, and teacher shortages

Plus: A380s are taking off.

1) The economics behind 15-minute deliveries are bad. Jokr, which raised $430m in venture capital, is now shutting down US operations. Internal data shows the company was losing $159 per order back in August 2021.

Digits: 15-minute delivery, Lightyear, and teacher shortages

2) Not quite to infinity and beyond. Pixar’s Lightyear landed a $51m opening weekend at the box office, below expectations and coming second to Jurassic World: Dominion ($58.7m). It managed to beat out Top Gun: Maverick ($44m), but this was the film’s fourth weekend in theaters, so…

3) BREAKING: America’s school systems. Approximately 300k teachers left their jobs between February 2020 and May 2022. A recent poll shows 55% of teachers plan to leave education sooner than originally planned, up from 37% last year. And 44% of public schools reported teacher vacancies this year.

4) Small businesses owners are reportedly upset that Google will start charging ~$6/mo. per user for its Workspace tools (e.g., Gmail, Docs, Calendar) this month after years of free use.

5) The Airbus A380 — a double-decker plane with a 262-foot wingspan — is mounting a comeback. In June 2020, airlines handled 43 A380 flights. This month, ~4k flights are planned, with ~6k planned for January 2023, equivalent to ~60% of pre-pandemic levels.

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