Meet the new upstart in the world of high-priced art sales

Loïc Gouzer, once dubbed “the daredevil of the art world,” is back.

Buying a prized Picasso painting could be as simple as swiping your finger.

Meet the new upstart in the world of high-priced art sales

That’s the idea behind Fair Warning, a new app from a former Christie’s specialist who made mountains of money for the British auction house.

Can the ‘rainmaker’ make it rain again?

Loïc Gouzer left the art world behind after spearheading some of its most gonzo sales — like the $450m auction of Salvator Mundi, a Leonardo da Vinci painting whose price tag smashed records.

Gouzer has been called a Christie’s “rainmaker” and “the daredevil of the auction world.” He once politely volleyed away a comparison to… Roger Federer.

With Fair Warning, he wants to disrupt traditional art sales, using a fast bidding system with a clubby feel.

Here’s how it’ll work

Fair Warning will be more exclusive than other auction platforms like Artsy, with Gouzer screening the collectors.

A single work will be auctioned off roughly every week, starting Sunday. Buyers will swipe to bid, and each sale may last just a few minutes.

The bidding may be limited to the Sotheby’s set, but the app has everyman roots: Gouzer launched it after deciding against selling the works over Zoom.

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