This portable urinal company is flush with demand

Americans are taking lots of road trips -- and that’s opened the floodgates for a new industry.

If you’ve ever peed in a water jug in the back seat of a car and thought, “I’m OK with this, but I would love something a little more bourgeois,” boy do we have the product for you.

This portable urinal company is flush with demand

The Travel John is your perfect on-the-go bladder. For $17, you get a six-pack of bags, stuffed with crystals that absorb your urine and its smells.

If you want one, you might have to hurry: The company behind the Travel John says it’s seeing a “drastic increase” in demand right now. 

It brings the lavatory right to your door

Listen: We get it. In loo of flying, Americans are taking tons of road trips this summer. And road trips are long, and maybe you’re nervous about using rest stops, and… suddenly, that portable urinal sounds pretty damn convenient.

More good news: The ladies won’t be left in the cold. The Travel John’s feminine compatriot is the pink Travel Jane.

They’re both part of a much larger movement to rebrand the toilet amid the pandemic. When toilet paper was running low, bidets made a splash as the new ulterior for your posterior. 

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