Markets tanked, but tech is just getting started

Why there's a reason to remain optimistic about technology, even when stocks crater.

I’ve had many mornings lately that look like this:

Markets tanked, but tech is just getting started

Wake up. Pound my alarm and groggily check my sleep on Whoop. Meditate for 20 minutes using Insight Timer (I’m zen like that). Track my habits from the day before in the Way of Life app. Rapidly panic over my investments across Gemini, Here, Fundrise, and Wealthfront.

I then proceed to go to the gym for sanity and use the Ladder app to have my personal trainer take me through some pain.

Is this just a really disgusting affiliate play?

Nope. No ties here. This is a reminder that although the world around us is bleeding, it’s also innovating. We aren’t waiting for the metaverse — we already have one foot in it.

  • Personal trainer, in 2010 = $100 a session or $400-$800/mo. In 2022 = $30 with Ladder
  • Getting sleep tests, in 2010 = $100 copay each time + insurance. In 2022 = $30/mo. for daily tests with Whoop

While those are bougie examples, my point is, the world is simultaneously getting worse and better.

Just remember…

… if your portfolio looks like a slasher film and you’re reading this, you probably have many more years left to invest.

If history repeats itself (which it tends to do), judging by this chart, you’re probably gonna be just fine.

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