Google vs. Photoshop: Fact-checking for images arrives
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Google vs. Photoshop: Fact-checking for images arrives

Google’s photo fact-checking may mean curtains for the viral fake-out.

Google just opened up a new front in the battle against misinformation — fact-checking pictures.

The fact checks, gathered from sources Google deems trustworthy, will be embedded in the description of potentially suspect images. They give context and verify claims as true, false, or “partly true.”

In meme-oriam: RIP to our favorite viral fake-outs

Don’t get us wrong, this is a win for truth, the pursuit of knowledge, and all that good stuff. But there may be some tragic casualties. Namely, watching people on the internet forget Photoshop is a thing.

Some iconic fake photo pranks we’ll have to kiss goodbye in the name of fact:

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