Your best productivity hacks and unplugging tactics

We asked, and you delivered.

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Your best productivity hacks and unplugging tactics

Yesterday, we asked for your top productivity hacks and unplugging strategies to get through the newly weird workdays. Taking a break came up again and again — as a productivity booster and a way to draw lines between work and play.

Several of you mentioned the Pomodoro Technique, which involves alternating bursts of hyper-focused work with breaks to clear your head.

Here are a few of your other top tips:

Productivity power moves

  • Jennay changes up the tunes: “Thursday means Mozart morning, French rap afternoon, followed by an Aloha Friday (Hawaiian music).”
  • Susan cuts a rug to keep the blood pumping: “Dancing like no one is watching, except the dogs.”
  • Tristen’s got a parenting tip: “Setting up a schedule and organized structure for the kids (like a task box with their lunch, snacks, drinks, chores, and school work) was a game changer… I became more of an overseer versus a director of their daily tasks.”

Unplugging advice

  • We liked Kelly’s advice a lot: “Honestly, being easy on yourself. Unless you’re a doctor, 9/10 times you not getting to something immediately isn’t going to be life-threatening.”
  • If all else fails, try Kristy’s recipe for distraction-free evenings: “Letting my aging iPhone 7 run out of juice. Then I can’t obsessively check email or take any calls.”

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