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Fair Art Fair is like a dating app for fine art

London-based artist Stacie McCormick founded Fair Art Fair, which she calls the “Tinder for artists and collectors.”

Ever wanted a Tinder for artists and collectors? Well, it’s here.

Founded by London-based artist Stacie McCormick, Fair Art Fair is a new app that directly connects unrepresented artists and buyers.

It essentially cuts out the middleman (the gallery) and allows collectors to match with and buy art they love. It launches on July 31, per NYT.

The app takes 0% commission…

… and instead uses a subscription model priced at £15 (~$21) per month.

There’s also an “Art Curious” option that lets people browse art for free.

McCormick’s own art gallery survived the pandemic…

… thanks to a £35k (~$48k) emergency fund from Arts Council England. She used a second £150k (~$209k) infusion to build the app, and says she needs between 1k-1.5k subscribers to cover expenses.

Experts tell the NYT the app could be successful if well curated.

Now to find the perfect piece to hang behind you for your Zoom calls.

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