Digits: The CIA’s gym, anonymous donors, and more

Plus: Bitcoin’s energy dip, and an X-wing Fighter model purchase.

1) The CIA headquarters got a new gym that may have cost an estimated $15m-$25m. The “Langley Field House” was built on a parking lot, and an internal naming contest saw proposals like “Where The Parking Used to Be” and “Super Secret Spy Gym.”

Digits: The CIA’s gym, anonymous donors, and more

2) Russian journalist Dmitry Muratov auctioned his Nobel Peace Prize to an anonymous buyer for a record $103.5m to raise money for Ukrainian refugees. Anonymous auctions always remind us of this “Curb Your Enthusiasm” scene.

3) As the price of Bitcoin has nose-dived, so has its energy usage. Between June 8 and June 25, Bitcoin’s annualized energy consumption dropped from 204.5 to 132.87 terawatt-hours. That new value reportedly equates to the annual power consumption of Argentina.

4) Disney, Apple, and Amazon all submitted bids — expected to be upwards of $2B — for the rights to the NFL’s Sunday Ticket package, which lets viewers watch live games from outside their region. The NFL was hoping for $3B bids, but that’s reportedly unlikely.

5) A ~2-foot-long hyperrealistic X-wing Fighter model used in fight scenes throughout Star Wars: A New Hope auctioned off for $2.3m last week, after being expected to sell for $500k-$1m. Here’s a clip about it.

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