Digits: China’s new space station, Olympic moms, and a pilot shortage

A roundup of this week’s newsworthy numbers

  • The US government announced a $3.2B plan to speed clinical trials for promising antiviral pills designed to treat COVID-19.
  • China sent its 1st 3 astronauts to its new Tiangong space station where they will spend 3 months — the longest mission ever for Chinese nationals.
  • 45% of Americans surveyed say they’re spending more on vacations this summer than the last 2 years combined.
  • American Airlines is proactively canceling ~1% of its flights through mid-July, possibly due to a pilot shortage after offering ~1k pilots early retirement buyouts.
  • The world got 5.4m new millionaires last year. If (like us) you weren’t one of them, don’t worry — the full list is expected to grow ~50% to 84m by 2025.
  • So far, 11 badass moms have qualified for the US Olympic team, 3 of whom are headed to their 5th Olympics.

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