Bye-bye Bic pen, hello hand sanitizer: Corporate swag goes utilitarian

The giveaway item just got a pandemic-era makeover.

Whatchoo got rolling around in your junk drawer? For many of us, it’s spare change, a couple of bottle caps, and an array of branded odds and ends we picked up at conferences.

Bye-bye Bic pen, hello hand sanitizer: Corporate swag goes utilitarian

But now this crap is getting a corona makeover

Gone are the days of logoed baseball caps and lousy ballpoint pens.

As the Washington Post reports, businesses welcoming workers back to the office — or trying to engage employees who are still at home — are handing out all kinds of imprinted doodads.

They’re giving out bottles of hand sanitizer, “clean keys” for elevator buttons, lights to make your video calls look better, and branded face masks.

Some people might take offense at having big logos splashed across their mugs. Then again, masks with small ones in muted tones could be easier to incorporate into dress codes.

But really, whatcha got?

At The Hustle, our team has seen all sorts of terrific and terrible corporate swag. A peek into our Slack convo:

  • Kaylee: “I got a blow-up dinosaur from an old email company. They also sent notebooks, which I thought was a lil ironic.
  • Bobby: “I got a steel credit-card-shaped bottle opener with a company’s info on it. It fits right in my wallet. Still have it.”
  • Katy: “This isn’t swag, but I went to a conference once where Tim McGraw was a booth babe.”

What’s the best or worst piece of corporate swag in your everything drawer? Tell us here

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