Digits: Hummers, dog hotels, and $1T gift cards

Plus, more numbers about airplane innovations and cities seeing rent drops.

1) Months after starting deliveries, GM is reportedly churning out just 12 Hummer EVs a day, though that’s expected to drastically increase. Also last week, Tesla reported delivering 254,695 vehicles in Q2, slightly below expectations but up 26.5% YoY.

2) Over 23m US homes welcomed a pet during the pandemic, and now dog boarding companies like Camp Bow Wow are seeing bookings up 29% from 2019 levels. Prices for boarding are reportedly up 10%-15% in the same time.

3) This year, more than $1T will be loaded onto gift cards. Companies normally keep the “breakage” from “open loop” cards — the ones that work like debit cards and sometimes expire before users spend the whole amount. In 2020, firms banked $14B+ through this process.

4) In 2024, Air New Zealand plans to debut “Skynest,” an economy section with two rows of triple stacked bunk pods. The lie-flat pods might suit customers on the carrier’s 17-hour Auckland-to-New York flight debuting this fall.

5) A new report found the cities with the most significant rent decreases in June included Tallahassee, FL (-6.5%), Anchorage, AK (-6.2%), and Honolulu, HI (-6.1%). On the other end, Norfolk, VA (+6.4%) and Fresno, CA (+6.3%) saw the biggest jumps.

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