Are you moving to another city? Tell us your story

Are you pulling up stakes? We’d like to know.

I’m writing this from my overpriced, $4,000-a-month, 900-square-foot apartment in San Francisco debating if I’m gonna move or not. Here’s proof.

Are you moving to another city? Tell us your story

I just finished reading about Bay Area rents being down ~12%.

Based on what I’m seeing on Facebook and Twitter (more proof), a 12% drop isn’t even close to representing how many people are truly leaving San Francisco and other major American cities.

I asked members of our Trends group what they think will happen. 170 people replied. A few favorites:

  • “I’ve seen at least 1 moving truck per day on my street in San Francisco for the past month. I’m moving to Austin next month!”
  • “Naysayers have been predicting the demise of cities for millennia. So far that hasn’t happened, and it probably never will. Cities are adaptable and flexible and mostly they have been reinventing themselves ever since they were first created.”
  • “I live in Chicago and can see the exodus happening in front of my eyes.”
  • “New Hampshire is seeing a big influx of both second-home buyers and full-timers.”
  • “I’ve lived in NYC more than three decades, born just outside. Eighty percent of our building fled by April and has not returned. Forty to fifty percent of our neighborhood left.”
  • “People left NYC in the years after 9/11, but the losses were more than replaced by new people moving in as everyone found their new normal.”

So, help me predict the future. There’s over a million of you. If enough readers answer, we’ll surely have interesting data covering the yuppie-ish/young professional demographic (most of you dear readers fall into that category).

Click below to tell me if you’re moving in the next 6 months or not.

I’ll show you the results tomorrow. Answer the survey here.

–Sam, Founder & CEO of The Hustle

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