This app is sending people on blind scavenger hunts

It’s like Pokemon Go, but for people who believe in astrology.

To anyone who’s ever used the word wanderlust unironically: This one’s for you. 

This app is sending people on blind scavenger hunts

Randonautica spits out random coordinates for users to explore in the real world, sorta like a new version of geocaching. 

But Randonautica puts a 2020 spin on nature walks: It says the location users get could be cosmically affected by their inner ~vibes~.

It’s Pokemon Go for people who believe in astrology 

Here’s how it works: users (Randonauts) input a word or phrase (an intent) and Randonautica’s “quantum random number generator” gives geographic coordinates within their vicinity. 

Upon downloading, the app lists the 9 Tenets of The Randonauts, which include having a “high vibes intent” and valuing “inner life.”

Bet my vibe intent is higher than yours

According to Sensor Tower, the app has been downloaded an estimated 2m times. It’s also sparked a thriving subreddit, where 106k+ subscribers share their Randonauting finds. 

One user set their intent as “Shrek” and found a swamp, and another found a peacock after choosing “colorful.”

But it’s not all peacocks and peat bogs: A few girls discovered human remains in a suitcase while Randonauting and posted a viral TikTok documenting the experience.

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