With millions laid off, teens find jobs in unusual places

Teen employment is at a historic low. So some localities are putting kids to work.

Job prospects for high school and college students are in the toilet right now — only 23% of 16-to-19-year-olds will work this summer — but a few cities and states are embarking on a massive summer hiring spree.

With millions laid off, teens find jobs in unusual places

Teens and 20-somethings in Connecticut, Maryland, and Chicago are about to become part of the official COVID-19 response.

They’re monitoring public spaces for social distancing, checking in with at-risk populations, and promoting safe health practices like mask wearing on social media.

Are we in for an explosion of public health TikToks? 

I sure hope so. But localities are also hiring teens for more than just their Savage dance savvy.

In Montgomery County, Maryland, “Covid Corps” tasks include distributing meals to food-insecure families and giving tech tutorials to older people.

Didn’t get your Covid Corps draft card? 

No worries: some kids are finding their own side hustles, like the Texas 13- year-old with a LEGO rental service.

Which made us wonder: What are other creative ways kids are making money this summer? We’re talking DJing-for-an-Animal-Crossing-party type of weird.

If you’re a middle school, high school, or college student — or you know one who is up to something interesting — please tell us here. We’ll highlight the most interesting stories.

(And if you’re in the Covid Corps and have more to say about it, please email me directly: michael@thehustle.co.)

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