Holy shi — pping containers! Look at these tiny houses

Got an old shipping container? This startup will turn it into a house for $50k.

Photo via: Vivienda Minima de Descanso

Holy shi — pping containers! Look at these tiny houses

Caroline: I love real estate for the same reasons I love sports. It’s cut-throat competitive and completely unpredictable. And just like I don’t play sports, I like to stay out of the real estate scrum: I’d much rather watch someone else house hunt than do it myself. Lucky for me, Michael is on the market for an apartment.

Michael: I’d be lying if I said this story about VMD, a startup that converts shipping containers into 1- and 2-bedroom houses, didn’t move me at least slightly. Those shipping containers are each 4x the size of the NYC apartments I’ve looked at.

Caroline: And cheaper. A basic model starts at $49k, and it ticks off a lot of boxes on my “green dream house” bucket list, with solar panels, rainwater tanks, and more.

Michael: People have had it with their family talking over their Zoom calls. I just read that Atlanta’s seeing a 150% bump in backyard tiny house construction.

Caroline: One of my friends just built one. She calls it her “she-shed.” She goes there to get work done while her husband wrangles their wild children.

Michael: We should buy one of these and expense it to The Hustle. Think Sam would notice?

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