Hot industries and essential skills: Hustle readers’ takes on the jobs of the moment

Hustle readers tell us about the most-needed skills in their industries.

Yesterday we reported that workers in many industries are upleveling their skills to stay relevant and highlighted a few hot job categories. 

Hot industries and essential skills: Hustle readers’ takes on the jobs of the moment

We also asked readers: What skills are becoming more important in your industry — and where do you see the most hiring happening? 

Here’s what you told us.

Tech skills are good, but don’t forget the basics

Hugh W. said computer proficiency is the No. 1 skill in the aviation industry, but “plain old-fashioned reading is really important as there’s receiving, issuing, and transfers to accomplish.”

Amber C. pointed out that certain skills — like what it takes to be a plumber or an electrician — can’t be automated. “Regardless of who you are or where you work, you are going to need a plumber.”

And not everyone needs to code

Julie R. told us advancement professionals are in demand at nonprofits — and well-paid. “The average salary of a fundraising professional in the US was $83k in 2018…These jobs are very attractive for people with liberal arts degrees who are good with people and not uncomfortable asking for money.”

Honey W. predicts that the legalization of medical marijuana will open up jobs in a variety of spheres. “Please let everyone know that the states who already opened cannabis [shops] will have tons of jobs ranging from agriculture to CEO of labs and all the support in between.”

Niches make riches

Mike A. said sales of big-ticket items like boats and RVs are hot right now. Someone needs to be around to fix them. “Our service department is backed up. Jobs that service RVs, boats, ATVs, and the like are in high demand as people seek ways to have fun while distancing from others.”

Forrest K. told us his family’s meat market sees great need for workers who know their asses from their elbows. “We simply can’t get anyone in the door to cut meat! Before COVID, we always wondered what the future would hold for butchers. In this post-COVID world, it seems that we’ll survive just fine.”

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