White space for plant-based milk, and Peacock charges into the streaming market

You can make jokes about that $9 latte, but plant-based milk is nothing to scoff about.

A few other storylines that caught our eye yesterday:

White space for plant-based milk, and Peacock charges into the streaming market

Holy cow, look at the market for plant-based milk

This tweet shows that there’s plenty of opportunities for plant-based milk, as demand for good ol’ cow juice goes down the drain. 

Some of the world’s highest-profile investors agree: Blackstone Growth, joined by celebs like Oprah Winfrey, just led a $200m investment into Oatly, a Swedish “oat drink” company (mmmm… oat drink). 

The announcement follows $160m in new investments for Perfect Day, another maker of animal-free dairy.

Nobody wants to pay $9 for a freakin’ latte, but don’t scoff: Nielsen says oat-milk sales in US stores recently grew 300% compared to last year.

Can Peacock find a feather for its cap? 

NBCUniversal’s new streaming service, Peacock, debuts today.

We wouldn’t blame you if you can’t keep all the streaming choices straight, so here’s what Peacock has going for it:

  • One of its distinguishing features — a “not-so-secret weapon,” as CNET put it — is a free tier
  • Another not-secret weapon: A new, around-the-clock version of the “Today” show, NBC’s morning mainstay (which brought in $482m+ in advertising last year).

Then again… 

  • Peacock was planning to strut its stuff by broadcasting the Tokyo Olympics. Welp.
  • Much of its original content isn’t ready for prime time — blame the pandemic yet again.

One more story to watch

Amazon is debuting a smart grocery cart. Here’s hoping it hastens the demise of one of the world’s most frustrating sounds — the disembodied “please wait for assistance” voice in the self-checkout lane.

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