We asked, you answered: What are the rewards of taking risks?

Readers share the rewards that come from taking risks.

Startup life is about breaking things ’til they’re fixed.

We asked, you answered: What are the rewards of taking risks?

Until we chatted with Waymo’s Julianne McGoldrick, we’d never heard it expressed so elegantly. 

She got us thinking about lessons we learn from our struggles. We asked our Hustle Ambassadors about the rewards that come from taking risks.

Down but not out

Ed W. quit his job and poured his savings into a building supply company. Things fell apart as Ed and his business partner struggled to raise capital. Five years later, they filed for bankruptcy. 

“Lessons learned prepared me for my current GM role with an outstanding company that allows me tremendous freedom,” Ed told us.

Worth its weight in candy and confetti

Brit M. took a job at Halloween City after 5 months of applying for communications jobs.

“I got used to working within a team, prioritizing tasks, sticking up for myself…  and just showing up,” Brit said. Those values serve her well now that she’s landed a copywriting and editing job.

Give her the damn car back

Nicole H. was in over her head after she bought a restoration and construction company. 

On her first day, she said, a project manager shouted that he “didn’t have to &%$* listen to me.” He took off with a company car and didn’t answer her calls.

On top of that, the company was facing lawsuits and cash-flow problems.

Four years later, Nicole has a great team, cash on hand, no lawsuits… and she got that car back.

“I feel like I am just getting out of the tornado where I can actually look around and see the greatness,” she said.

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