A condom brand’s pricing model is inspired by… stonks

When the STI index is up, condom prices go down.

Can the wolves of Wall Street change how we think about safe sex? The Australian condom company LifeStyles is banking on it.

A condom brand’s pricing model is inspired by… stonks

The idea: Hook condom prices to the prevalence of sexually transmitted infections. When Google search volumes go up for STIs like chlamydia, syphilis, and herpes, the price of rubber(s) goes down.

Talk about asset management

LifeStyles partnered with the ad agency FCB/Six on the stock market-inspired web campaign “Publicly Traded …”

… because sexually transmitted infections are, y’know, publicly traded.

Think watching the NASDAQ makes you sweat?

Try watching the STI Index. You can sign up for notifications when the price of bulk condom packs fall below $20 … and you can diversify your protection portfolio with a combo of regular, thin, and ribbed condoms.

Send our regards to the Dow, but this is as sexy as stocks get.

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