TikTokers can get huge overnight. Is that good?

Turning “15 minutes of fame” into an app is diluting the accomplishment.

On TikTok, it’s just another day when someone gets millions of followers for posting slices of bread falling over in perfect alignment with a song’s beat drop.

TikTokers can get huge overnight. Is that good?

Today, 39k+ TikTok accounts have 1m+ followers, according to Social Blade. That’s more than YouTube and Instagram, despite TikTok being far younger.

This makes sense. TikTok is an entertainment platform, with DNA closer to Netflix than, say, Facebook. And if you’re not actively trying to make a living off of the app, this is great.

Where things get nuanced…

… is for those trying to make an income as a creator. That’s because the likely downside is worse payouts.

  • A 2021 survey found TikTok creators earned ~$1.7k/mo. on average, compared to $4.1k for YouTube and $3.9k on Instagram.

For TikTok, turning “15 minutes of fame” into an app has diluted the million-follower accomplishment. More internet-famous people are cropping up, but TikTok, brands, and creators will need to figure out how to calculate the value of their followings case by case.

For now, more followers are generally great. “The bread guy” from earlier — yeah, he capitalized with a “slice of life” merch line.

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