A snack company hatched in a basement rises to $1.8m in annual revenue

Samy Kobrosly, co-founder of Snacklins, describes his business origin story as “a joke that got way too big.”

Samy Kobrosly, co-founder of Snacklins, describes his company’s story as “a joke that got way too big.”

During a late-night basement hang, he and his friends whipped up a vegan pork rind so Kobrosly — a Muslim man — could try one.

He passed out samples at a friend’s brewery. Someone told him if he put them in a real bag with nutrition facts, he could sell them. Pretty soon, he was pitching to Whole Foods.

Years later, the pseudo-pork snacks are bringing home the bacon to the tune of $1.8m a year. Clocking in at 80-90 calories per bag, Snacklins are a solid option for the healthy snack revolution.

Snacklins earned a $250k buy-in from Mark Cuban on Shark Tank, in exchange for 5% straight equity and 5% of advisory shares.

Kobrosly attributes the company’s success to a quality product and a DIY mentality, refusing to outsource production or marketing. Up next: Expansion into new markets like Boston and LA, teaming up with regional grocers.

  • Founders: Samy Kobrosly
  • Employees: 20
  • Years in business: 4
  • Cost to launch: $100
  • Funding methods: Personal savings, friends/family contributions, venture capital
  • Operating costs: $480k
  • 1st-year revenue: $10k
  • Current annual revenue: $1.8m

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