The 21-year-old entrepreneur who’s reshaping the music charts

Flighthouse wants to become the MTV of the TikTok era.

Photo via: Jacob Pace

The 21-year-old entrepreneur who’s reshaping the music charts

Last year, when music execs wanted to promote a little-known single called “Sunday Best,” they turned to 21-year-old Jacob Pace

Pace is CEO of Flighthouse, a company that’s part marketing agency, part media giant. As Marker reported, he’s built an empire out of making new songs or products go wild on TikTok.

He’s worked with artists behind some of the biggest bangers of the past year: Doja Cat, Lil Nas X, and Arizona Zervas.

Among his secrets: Turn each song into a meme

If people are willing to dance to it, they’ll probably stream it.

To promote “Sunday Best,” Pace asked TikTok stars to send him their favorite videos of 2019. Then he mashed them up to the song. He sent it out to 25m+ followers on the Flighthouse account.

“Sunday Best” blew up — daily Spotify streams jumped from 200k to 600k. Now it’s #59 on the global chart. 

Pace is aiming even higher. He said last year that he wants to create a “modern-day MTV.”

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