Too busy to take a break? Your boss might make you

Some tech companies are making vacation time mandatory to prevent employee burnout.

🎵Vacation, all I… never wanted? 🎵

Too busy to take a break? Your boss might make you

Top tech companies are known for handing out generous perks — like unlimited vacation. But with corona closures and travel bans spoiling everyone’s vacay plans — well, what’s the point?

Preventing burnout, duh

We all need a reset — research shows short-term pleasures lower anxiety and depression.

So some companies are making vacation mandatory:

  • This summer, Chegg is blocking out Fridays to give employees extended weekends.
  • Ping Identify created artificial company holidays to encourage relaxation.
  • To make sure workers aren’t chugging away in secret, the software company ServiceNow started staycation contests. Employees take photos or videos of their time off, then their colleagues vote on who had the best time. The team inspiring the most FOMO wins.

Has your company made vacation mandatory, or encouraged you to take time off? What did that look like? Email Caroline and give us the scoop.

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