D2C medical apparel companies are growing

Functional medical apparel is on a roll. Led by Figs -- which IPO’d in May -- and is now worth ~$6B.

If you’re a health care worker who needs comfortable gear stat, there are now a host of Direct to Consumer (D2C) options.

D2C medical apparel companies are growing
  • With jobs in the field predicted to grow 15% between 2019 and 2029 — accounting for ~2.4m jobs — Modern Retail is calling medical-wear the “hot new D2C fascination.”

They don’t want no (ordinary) scrubs

The medical apparel biz is worth $10B in the US and most pros buy their own scrubs. But the traditional boxy, uncomfortable, easy-to-stain cotton outfits leave much to be desired.

The biggest name shaking up the space is Figs. The company sells comfy, stylish scrubs and accessories straight to health care pros and — after going public in May — is now worth ~$6B (some think it’s Lululemon for health care).

The pandemic increased demand for comfy medical wear

In addition to Figs, there’s:

  • Clove, founded in 2018 as a shoe company for health care pros, which saw 533% growth between January 2020 and July 2020.
  • Jaanuu, which raised $25m and is now looking to go public.

Also worth noting: Figs and Clove donated supplies to frontline workers, a charitable move that also grew brand awareness.

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