Landis is a startup you should know — with some legendary investors

Landis, a ‘rent-to-own’ startup focused on financial inclusion, raised a $165m round from investors that include Jay-Z and Will Smith.

Aspiring homebuyers have “99 Problems,” but Jay-Z and Will Smith are here to help.

Landis is a startup you should know — with some legendary investors
  • The duo joined a $165m raise for Landis, a “rent-to-own” startup focused on helping low-income buyers build wealth.

In other words, they want to facilitate “The Pursuit of Happyness.”

The firm’s mission sets it apart from other rent-to-own ventures

A rent-to-own agreement allows you to rent a property with an option to buy it within a certain time frame. Landis works like so:

  • The company targets houses between $110k-$400k, and requires prospective clients to apply to its program.
  • Once accepted, clients pick out their dream home and Landis makes sure the purchase goes through without a “Hitch.”
  • Clients can rent from Landis for 24 months, and purchase the home anytime they’re ready.

Along the way, Landis provides access to coaching that helps them manage finances and improve their credit score — allowing them to build “The Blueprint” to better savings.

Landis primarily profits from the sale of the home

By setting rent in line with carrying costs, they ensure rates are fair beyond a “Reasonable Doubt.”

While the current buying environment can feel like the “Wild Wild West,” Landis is making it easier to navigate while simultaneously working toward financial inclusion.

If they succeed, it may go down as one of the greatest collabs in hip-hop history.

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