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Forget virality: This company is betting on podcasts that almost no one will hear

Written by Michael Waters | Aug 4, 2020 9:18:57 AM

You might think 50 listens on a podcast is a massive flop. But to Artifact, that’s a blockbuster.

The audio startup isn’t chasing big audiences — it makes podcasts that only you, your weird uncle, and maybe a few others would ever enjoy.

Thought you’d heard the last of that Woodstock story? 

Think again: Artifact is the perfect place for your uncle to keep pretending he was cool back in ’69.

You can buy a podcast to capture a piece of family history — or celebrate a colleague. Artifact’s team of pro interviewers will talk to you and your coworker’s friends, then edit the clips into a slickly made episode.

One episode costs $175, and the company claims its sound quality is 80% to 90% as good as a pro podcast.

Not that anyone will notice

The average Artifact pod snags only ~30 listeners.

It’s a new spin on a major media trend: From The Athletic to The Information, people are ponying up for niche content.

And what could be more niche than your uncle’s tall tale about his run-in with Jimi Hendrix?