Could talking smack about your ex-job cost you millions?
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Could talking smack about your ex-job cost you millions?

An employee went scorched earth when he reviewed the tech company that fired him. Now, they’re suing for $1m.

Could a bad Glassdoor review cost you $1m+? We’re about to find out.

Software engineer Wyatt Troia wrote negative reviews about working at LoanStreet, a New York-based fintech startup, on Glassdoor, Reddit, and Blind.

Now, LoanStreet CEO Ian Lampl is suing Troia in a $1m defamation suit, per Business Insider. Meanwhile, Troia is raising defense money via GoFundMe.

Troia claims:

LoanStreet’s lawsuit alleges:

How important are employee reviews?

Negative reviews or press can affect a company’s image (e.g., the Blizzard Entertainment boycott). But they can also impact a company’s ability to attract talent.

A survey from marketing agency Fractl found:

Courts have favored Glassdoor and reviewers in the past

Troia’s case is a bit different, but the result could impact how safe ex-employees feel about naming and shaming.

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