Boomfluencers are taking over social media

The senior set is making a splash on social media.

Photo via: Rick Beato / YouTube

Boomfluencers are taking over social media

A new crew of influencers is here to give the youth of YouTube a run for its money. Literally.

It’s the vintage advantage

As The Wall Street Journal reported: The 45+ crowd now accounts for 17% of YouTube video views. That’s a 55% increase between the second half of 2019 and the first half of 2020. And they’re skipping the teenyboppers to hear from their peers.

There’s serious cash on the table

Compensation varies, but 10 cents for every 1k views is average. It can be a full-time salary, or at least a way to pimp other projects.

Some of our other favs:

  • Tsuyoshi and Tomi Seki, AKA Bon and Pon, are Instagram icons of his-and-hers fashion. The couple, in their mid-60s, have 829k followers and 2 books.
  • Nonagenarian Helen Ruth Elam, AKA Baddie Winkle, is known for “Stealing Your Man Since 1928.” With 183.9k followers, this spicy Twitter personality has landed sponcon deals with Coffee Mate and Jack in the Box.

Grand dame? More like grand daaaaaaamn.

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