A video game vigilante is coming for your cheats

GamerDoc has gotten 50k+ video game cheaters banned.

August 6, 2020

Justice has a new name: GamerDoc. His mission? Take out the video-game cheaters.

What in the Donkey Kong is going on?

Cheat codes for games like Overwatch and Valorant can bring hackers hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

But when players cheat, some start to question the integrity of esport pros… and cheating zaps the fun of recreational gaming.

“(F)or that to be ruined because of some kid who used his mom’s credit card to buy cheats just sucks,” GamerDoc told Vice.

Game over, punk

A crew of volunteer cheat spotters collects evidence of shenanigans. GamerDoc sends the deets to game developers, who patch the problem and ban the baddies.

GamerDoc’s made plenty of enemies — he says he gets regular death threats — but he’s also caught a LOT of cheaters. He estimates his reports have gotten 50k to 70k cheaters booted.

That’s definitely a high score.

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