Crystals are a $1B+ industry. Who’s buying?

People are spending serious cash on giant crystals, like a $45k amethyst throne and a $125k coffee table.

This crystal will only set you back *checks notes* $663k (Souce: The Earth Story)

Crystals are a $1B+ industry. Who’s buying?

In 2016, Moon Juice founder and Goop-favorite health guru Amanda Chantal Bacon was aghast to find someone had stolen a beloved rose quartz crystal from her LA smoothie bar (it’s still missing).

Turns out the thief was onto something.

Crystals are a $1B+ industry

Also known as “near-gemstones,” their popularity has risen with celebrity endorsements, per The Los Angeles Times.

Rich people apparently love to load up their homes (and yachts) with big, pristine statement crystals, sometimes shaped like other stuff.

For example:

  • A $45k, 1-ton amethyst throne
  • A $125k amethyst coffee table
  • A $333k peach-colored quartz “the size of a laundry basket”

Why are these pretty rocks so expensive?

They’re often rare and unique. Once a collector nabs one, it’s gone.

For centuries, people have believed certain crystals have healing properties. Today, prices fluctuate at the whims of woo-inclined influencers and celebrities who swear by particular rocks.

Demand for diamonds dropped amid the pandemic, but increased for crystals as people looked for ways to feel better while stuck at home.

Now give me an example of a really expensive crystal

So glad you asked! La Madona Rosa is a 30-by-15-cm rose quartz cluster mined in Brazil in the 1950s. Its name comes from its shape, reminiscent of the Madonna and her halo.

It’s the 2nd-largest rose quartz ever found and was auctioned for $662.5k in 2013.

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