Digits: Brazilian butt lifts, $10 palm prints, South Park, and more

Plus: Abandoned oil wells, firefighting helicopters, and Hello Kitty.

We have 14 new South Park movies headed are way (Source: Comedy Central)

Digits: Brazilian butt lifts, $10 palm prints, South Park, and more

1) The number of Brazilian butt lifts performed globally has increased 77.6% since 2015, going for an average rate of ~$5.5k. Butt, the mortality rate of the operation is 1 in ~20k.

2) Amazon is offering $10 in credit to people who connect their palm prints with their Amazon account and enroll in its Amazon One biometric recognition service to pay for stuff in 50 Amazon-owned stores.

3) Good news, South Park fans. The show’s creators inked a $900m deal to produce 14 original South Park films and keep the show on Comedy Central through 2027.

4) There are an estimated 100k-560k unplugged oil wells in Pennsylvania — a massive environmental hazard — and no one knows where they’re located.

5) To fight wildfires, California is using a family-run helicopter business that charges $8k an hour per chopper, which sounds expensive until you realize they save entire towns by dumping 12 tons of water at a time.

6) Here’s a friendly reminder that the Hello Kitty franchise has generated more revenue (~$84.5B) than the Marvel Cinematic Universe ($35.3B), Harry Potter ($32.2B), and James Bond ($14.2B) combined.

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