3 highlights from a showcase of the fastest-growing companies

A few highlights from this year’s ranking of fastest-growing private companies.

It’s like yearbook day but better. The Inc. 5000 just landed, spotlighting the fastest-growing private businesses in the US.

3 highlights from a showcase of the fastest-growing companies

This year’s party is all about the new kids on the block. Here are a few standouts making their debut on the list.

OneTrust is in the right place at the right time. You know those pop-up banners that tell you a site is collecting your data? They might seem annoying, but they actually do a lot to protect your privacy. You can thank OneTrust for that.

With an eye-popping 3-year growth rate of 48,337%, the software company is No. 1 on this year’s list.

OneTrust launched in 2016, the same year the EU announced its General Data Protection Regulation. It became the go-to for about half of Fortune 500 companies.

A legacy of excellence. TKT and Associates, a consultancy and staffing firm specializing in diversity, pulled in $135m between 2016 and 2019 while working with big-name clients like Toyota and Deloitte.

With an 11,106% growth rate, TKT landed at No. 20 in the rankings — a record for a company led by a Black woman.

Founder Tierra Kavanaugh died unexpectedly 4 weeks before Inc. finalized its rankings. Her mother Sheila Kavanaugh, a seasoned HR pro herself, helms the firm in Tierra’s honor.

We all know Clue is for kids. That’s what makes Hunt A Killer (No. 6) so appealing. Players become gumshoes in a subscription-based murder mystery game that doles out clues one month at a time.

The founders started working out of a basement, but quickly reached a 3-year growth rate of 20,484%.

Can Professor Plum do that?

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