Digits: ‘Quiet quitting,’ canola oil, and more

Plus: A TikTok slowdown, a Tesla speedup, and road trip struggles.

1) Is TikTok getting a li’l saturated? Last month, ~1.2k accounts hit the 1m-follower milestone, down 41% YoY. Similarly, 3.26k accounts passed 500k followers (down 34%), and 21.68k accounts crossed 100k followers (down 38%).

Digits: ‘Quiet quitting,’ canola oil, and more

2) Tesla’s Model Y is apparently on track to be the world’s bestselling car by revenue this year, and by volume next year. The current bestseller is the Toyota Corolla, which clocks in at ~1.15m vehicles a year.

3) Unfortunately, four of AAA’s best US road trip routes have 200+ mile stretches without public EV charging infrastructure. That could improve in the future with new public funding for chargers every 50 miles.

4) Meanwhile, the cost to fry is painfully high. A 35-pound jug of canola oil costs $57, up from $22 in 2019. This is squeezing restaurants hard, with pretax profit margins dropping from ~5% to ~1% for a joint bringing in $900k.

5) The “quiet quitting” hashtag has notched 3.3m+ views on TikTok. The term doesn’t mean “outright quitting your job but… quitting the idea of going above and beyond,” according to one clip.

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