Digits: A really skinny house, space pizza, and too much weed

Plus: Online groceries, an asteroid, and kids’ diets.

That sliver of a house is worth… $1.2m (Source: C.L. Properties)

Digits: A really skinny house, space pizza, and too much weed

1) Boston’s Skinny House — literally, a 4-story house that’s 10 feet wide — is on the market for $1.2m. As legend has it, the house was built out of spite to block the view of the owner’s brother next door.

2) A rocket that launched out of Virginia is carrying 8.2k pounds of gear to the ISS, including apples, tomatoes, kiwis, and a pizza kit.

3) At one point last year, there were ~1.1B grams of unpurchased marijuana held in storage in Canada. By now, much of it is likely schwag.

4) Morning Consult found 25% of millennials now shop for most or all of their food online. Pre-pandemic, that number was 14%.

5) NASA researchers say there’s a 1-in-1.7k chance the asteroid Bennu hits earth by 2300. It’s the width of the Empire State Building, so that would not be an ideal situation.

6) US children got 67% of their caloric intake from ultra-processed foods in 2018, up from 61% in 1999. On the other hand, caloric intake from sweetened drinks dropped from 10.8% to 5.3%.

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