LeBron James, the influencer?

LeBron James is the NBA’s king of Instagram.

The minimum salary for an NBA player is $1.8m per season, so it’s no surprise LeBron James makes a lot more than that.

LeBron James, the influencer?

What might be surprising is how much he could earn if he took his talents strictly to the ’gram.

As of last week…

… James had 129m Instagram followers, allowing him to earn up to ~$428k per sponsored post, per estimates from betting website JeffBet.

  • He’s since gained 2m+ followers, meaning that number is likely even bigger.

When it comes to Instagram…

… @kingjames lives up to his handle. His closest NBA peer is Stephen Curry, with ~45m followers.

However, even James can’t compete with Cristiano Ronaldo. With 476m followers and counting, he’s the most-followed account on Instagram, and can make up to $2m per sponsored post.

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