Remote workers are outfoxing employer surveillance tech

Employee anti-surveillance tech and tricks are hot, hot, hot.

Take your tattleware and shove it.

Remote workers are outfoxing employer surveillance tech

Companies have spied on their workers’ productivity for years (and it’s gotten worse during the pandemic). But now workers are poking the eye that watches them.

I think they’re onto us

As Wired reports, demand for monitoring software like ActivTrak, Time Doctor, and StaffCop has spiked since we were sent home.

Some analysts predict 80% of companies will adopt tracking tech by the end of 2020.

But people will do anything to get away with sh*t 

Presence Scheduler’s software sets your Slack status to permanently active. Sales and traffic doubled for the company during the first 2 months of lockdown.

Tech-savvy slackers run virtual machines on their company laptops to work in one window and play in another.

For more inactivity inspo, here are a few of our favorite Reddit-approved hacks:

  • Keep your Slack status on “Away” even when you’re working. Your colleagues eventually won’t notice if you don’t have a green dot.
  • Open Notepad and set something heavy on your space bar.
  • Tie your mouse to an oscillating fan. Extra, we know.

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