Some remote employees are secretly working multiple jobs

The latest work from home trend is doing 2 jobs at once.

A recent study found 38% of remote workers regularly do their job from bed.

Some remote employees are secretly working multiple jobs

What that study didn’t mention was that they might be actually doing multiple jobs from bed.

The latest WFH trend is doing extra work secretly

A recent report from The Wall Street Journal details folks secretly taking on multiple jobs, toggling between Slack accounts and work calendars, and using excuses like WiFi issues to balance responsibilities and earn up to $600k a year.

Some folks are emboldened by a site called Overemployed, which oversees a Discord community and provides tips for multi-jobbers.

Overemployed hosts articles with titles like “How to Set Low Expectations At Your Two Remote Jobs” and “Manage Conflicting Meetings With Two Remote Jobs.”

But the craziest (smartest?) claim we’ve seen…

… comes from an anonymous poster on Hacker News who reportedly works 10 remote engineering jobs simultaneously.

  • “The bar is so low, oversight is non-existent, and everyone is so forgiving for under performance I can coast about 4-8 weeks before a given job fires me,” they wrote.

The user says they are headed for $1.5m in compensation this year.

If that’s for real, it sure is impressive. Still, we’ll be about 100x more impressed when someone tells us they’re working 10 simultaneous jobs in person.

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