We asked readers if they secretly work 2nd jobs. Their answers are incredible.

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Earlier this week, we asked if any of you secretly work a 2nd job — and you shared some crazy stuff. We dropped some of your stories here, lightly edited for clarity.

We asked readers if they secretly work 2nd jobs. Their answers are incredible.
  • “I’m a full-time health care business analyst moonlighting as a restaurant chef. I’m doing video conferences with colleagues around the world (camera off) while taking lunch orders.”
  • “I’m a director of sales for a software company. I’m the only employee in my state and most of our business is inbound… This has given me the flexibility to build up my side gig: a bartending company for bachelorette parties.”
  • “I work as a youth pastor full time. I’m not fully remote, but I can be and am most of the week. I also spend Thursday-Saturday running a swimming pool repair and maintenance business.”
  • “I’m a software dev, working 3 W-2’s at around $120k base each. Thursday at 9am I have 2 stand-ups going at the same time. I usually have 1 meeting on my phone with a single AirPod in 1 ear and another meeting on my laptop.”
  • “I work a part-time position at the local post office for insurance benefits. I also have my own company for website design & social media management, plus I edit books for 1st-time authors.”
  • “I’m the COO of a cannabis company in California. I also own a saltwater aquarium business in South Florida, so I’m now a remote COO that balances Google meetings with water changes for 20-25 aquarium clients.”
  • “It’s really easy for me to keep my 3D printer going while I’m doing my full-time remote job, so I started a side hustle making 3D-printed parts for 1996-2002 Toyota 4Runners. Over my first 6 months I did about $10k in sales.”

Thanks to all who answered, and keep an eye out for more upcoming community polls.

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