Top Gun fans, unite: Hollywood is hosting a massive movie-prop sale

The spaceship from ‘Alien’ can be yours for at least $300k.

If you thought the toilet paper aisle felt like The Purge this spring, just wait for this $6m+ auction.

Top Gun fans, unite: Hollywood is hosting a massive movie-prop sale

A record number of people have registered for the 850+ item sell-off from Prop Store, a movie collectibles vendor.

Among the props up for grabs (with estimated auction price):

  • Obi-Wan’s lightsaber hilt from the original Star Wars ($25k-$35k)
  • The Maverick helmet from Top Gun ($50k-$70k)
  • The 11-foot spaceship from Alien ($300k-$500k)
  • Walter White’s hazmat suit from Breaking Bad ($4k-$6k)
  • Edward Scissorhands’… scissor hands ($5k-$7k)
  • James Bond’s passport from Die Another Day ($2k-$3k)
  • The game board from Jumanji ($60k-$80k)
  • A T-Rex armature from Jurassic Park ($25-$35k)

A few pandemic-specific recommendations

After studying the complete catalog, here’s what we think can spice up your quarantine:

  • Forget athleisure. It’s time to blow away your coworkers with the Spartan outfit from 300 ($6k-$8k)
  • I don’t care how good your headphones are; aesthetically, they just can’t beat the Brain-Computer Interface Headset from the sci-fi movie Brainstorm ($10k-$15k)
  • Snag Marty McFly’s dehydrated Pizza Hut wrapper from Back to the Future Part II, and you’ll never need to buy a plate again ($400-$600).

Interested? Bidding starts this Wednesday at 10am PST.

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