Welcome to the #MeanGirls Slack channel

Sick of the smack talk on Slack? We created a handy emoji guide to help you interpret your co-workers’ intentions.

Is Slack the new high school cafeteria?

Welcome to the #MeanGirls Slack channel

OneZero published an interesting piece on how some companies are regretting the decision to use the instant messaging platform.

Slack was originally meant to get rid of email… but a few aggrieved execs claim that this new, lower-friction dynamic that allows more people to speak their minds is leading to dangerously negative discourse — AKA, “talkin’ sh*t”.

That brings us back to the good ol’ days of junior high lunch, where chicken patties were worth their weight in gold and the gossip mill was unstoppable.

At The Hustle HQ, we know how volatile Slack-ing can be.

So, as a public service, we created this handy translator for the most misleading language of all: emojis.

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