How ‘metafabric’ could combat climate change and help you shvitz less
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How ‘metafabric’ could combat climate change and help you shvitz less

Metafabric can reflect sunlight and keep you cool, meaning less heat injuries and reliance on AC.

For years, some celebrities have used retro-reflective “anti-paparazzi” clothing to ruin unwanted photos.

But now, another reflective textile known as metafabric could regulate our temperatures and fight climate change.

Metafabric is made from synthetic fiber coated in Teflon with nanoparticles of titanium dioxide, the metal used in sunscreen, per Wired.

It works like a mirror:

Titanium dioxide reflects most light but absorbs UV. That would make you hot, except…teflon reflects UV.

Researchers at Zhejiang University found that after 1 hour in the sun, metafabric kept its wearer ~5 degrees Celsius cooler.

Plus, it’s stretchy, durable, and possible benefits include:

There are some issues, though, including that the textile might be heavier than other fabrics. It might also be limiting fashionwise, as a material that reflects almost all sunlight would probably have to be white.

Bad news for goths. Great news for vampires, though.

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