Our Chex Mix survey results are in…

What our readers had to say about the best and worst pieces.

… and the rye chip was the clear winner. It’s also clear people may never see eye to eye.

Our Chex Mix survey results are in…

Zach from Knoxville, TN, said the “rye chip has no flavor,” while Brandon from Franklin, TN, said it “consistently has the most flavor.”

What did people say?

The pro- and anti-rye chip lobbies made their cases clear:

  • “And on the eighth day, God gave us rye chips.” (Austin from Chicago)
  • “Surface area = flavor. It’s just math.” (Alison from New York City)
  • “I prefer my bark on the trees.” (Blaire from Cincinnati)
  • “It’s like a communion wafer from the days of Jesus.” (Pete from New Orleans)

Other than the rye chip, nothing brought more people together than pretzels — combined, 38% marked the circle and square pretzels as the worst pieces.

  • “We all know what’s going on here,” explained Blake from Venice Beach. “Big Pretzel sticking its beak in my snack business.”

Lastly, apologies to Jane from Sydney, Australia, who’s never had Chex Mix and isn’t even sure “how to pronounce ‘chex’ properly.”

Maybe next time we’ll ask about Vegemite, Jane.

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