Goodbye, paper business cards?

Some are ditching paper business cards for digital solutions… like implanting a chip in their hand.

Business cards — once the ubiquitous way to swap details — may be fading in favor of paperless replacements.

Goodbye, paper business cards?

These include plastic cards and other objects printed with QR codes or embedded with near-field communication (NFC) chips that transfer info directly to mobile devices.

The Wall Street Journal even talked to a guy who had a chip implanted between his thumb and index finger.

People like digital business cards because they’re:

  • Contact-free
  • Eco-friendly — 88% of paper cards get tossed within a week
  • Easy to update
  • Set up to automatically digitize info

But many experts also recommend carrying supplemental paper cards, just in case you run into tech issues, don’t have a smartphone, or plan on doing business in Japan.

BTW: If you like physical cards but still want to be green, these biodegradable paper cards are embedded with seeds that grow when planted.

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