The ‘Wordle’ glow up, explained

The New York Times is making big moves to take Wordle to the next level.

The New York Times’ bet on games is paying off.

The ‘Wordle’ glow up, explained

Just seven months after acquiring “Wordle” in a deal in the “low seven figures,” the Times has already brought in an “unprecedented” tens of millions of new users.

The Times’ gaming subscription…

… saw a record Q2, as Wordle players discovered other games, like “Spelling Bee,” “Sudoku,” and “Letter Boxed.”

  • Alex Hardiman, NYT’s chief product officer, says, “multiproduct subscribers pay the most and retain best.”

By bundling games and cross-promoting subscriptions throughout the Wordle experience (like showing ads after games), NYT has boosted its core offering, making it more attractive to subscribers.

Case in point: digital multiproduct subscribers increased 26% in Q2.

But that’s just the beginning

Since the acquisition, NYT has made a series of other moves with “Wordle,” including:

  • Integrating “Wordle” into its Crossword app last month.
  • Partnering with Hasbro on “Wordle: The Party Game,” a board game dropping in October.
  • Launching WordleBot, a tool that helps players train their word-guessing skills.

While “Wordle” is still free, the Times has hinted it might make the game exclusive to subscribers — at which point we expect many players will C-H-U-R-N.

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