The big business of twinfluencers

Can’t tell them apart? That’s how you know the twinfluencers are winning.

Armie Hammer playing both of the Winklevosses (Winklevi?) in The Social Network feels a bit quaint now.

The big business of twinfluencers

Today’s twins are launching their own twin-focused clothing lines, syncing up their pregnancies, and parlaying their millions of followers into massive sponsorship deals.

Have we reached a twin peak? 

Big brands like PepsiCo and L’Oréal are vying to work with so-called twinfluencers — in large part, because they get a marketing twofer.

That is, they can promote multiple products, or different aspects of the same product, in one post.

And this twincession is global: twinfluencers are taking over France, Zimbabwe, and Australia. In India, one duo that goes by Chinki Minki has spun 3.4m+ Insta followers into partnerships with Mountain Dew and Maybelline.

Can’t tell those twinfluencers apart? That’s the point.

Why are twinfluencers so hot right now? For those of us who grew up on The Suite Life of Zack & Cody, The Parent Trap, and Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, it’s partly driven by nostalgia.

But there’s also a “science” to it: the more similar twins look, the more us normies love them. According to the Economic Times, “A lot of time and effort goes into ensuring they look identical — by wearing the same outfits, maintaining the same hairstyle.”

If one twin puts on or loses a few pounds? India’s Chinki Minki says the other also has to.

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